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Polaris, RZR XP900 Headlight Kit "Unlimited"(11-14)

Separate yourself from the pack with the Baja Designs Polaris RZR 900 "Unlimited" Headlight Kit (11-14). This kit utilizes two Squadron Pros (4,900 lumens each) and two Squadron Racers (4,300 lumens each). The need for front bumper lighting or roof mounted light bars are a thing of the past. This plug and play mounting kit includes two vehicle specific mounting brackets and a wiring harness, allowing you to use your factory switch and mounting hardware.


- X2 Vehicle Specific Mounting Brackets

- X2 Squadron Pro Combo

- X2 Squadron Racer Edition Spot


Wondering what lighting configuration is best for you? Checkout the breakdown below showcasing multiple performance tiers.

X2 Squadron Sport Combo
X2 Squadron Sport Spot
X2 Squadron Pro Combo
X2 Squadron Pro Spot
X2 Squadron Pro Combo
X2 Squadron Racer Edition Spot


Check out the pattern chart below to see where this kit will be projecting light.