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Polaris Rzr Tie Rod Spindle Stud Stainless Steel (pair)

Polaris Rzr Tie Rod Spindle Stud Stainless Steel. This part can be used universally. This is the part that goes on the outside of the tie rods into the spindle. Notice on the 2015-17 Rzr's the spindle has a slight taper. Our Spindle stud is made from 17-4 HP Stainless steel, has an allen cut in the top for grip to tighten, hole in the bottom for cotter pin so no nuts can never back out, these are great replacement parts for other manufacturers cheaper parts that break. If you fabricate your own parts you can order these to your kit. Comes as a pair with Lock nuts and cotter pin

Made for a 5/8 Rod End.

Stainless Steel 17-4HP

Stronger than stock and most aftermarket Manufacturers