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(2017-20)Can Am X3 72" Model Stock Replacement bolt on HD kitCan Am X3 (Base Model) Adjustable Rear Anti Sway Bar Kit

Can Am X3 72" Model Adjustable Rear Anti Sway Bar Kit is Here!


After 8 months of testing in all terrains and on many race cars and play cars, our rear anti sway bar is here for the X3. This three way Can Am X3 72" Model Adjustable Rear Anti Sway Bar Kit is the only one that allows you to run the bar 20% softer than stock for slow, trail, rock crawling situations. It also has an adjustment point that is very similar to the stock set up so you can enjoy the car in an all around mode that is good for a little bit of every type of terrain. Our bar also has a third setting that is 20% stiffer than stock for those who have extra weight and accessories on their car and for those who just want to turn up the speeds and run the car hard. The aggressive setting will eliminate nearly all the body roll in the X3 for those times where you really need your corner speeds to ramp up.  Our custom grade of spring steel combined with aerospace heat treating creates a bar that is much stronger than the stock bar and gives you longer bar life while all the while allowing you to have the most adjust-ability of any bar in the industry. Don't wait any longer, tune your car and your driving abilities to the max with our adjustable rear sway bar for you X3!


  • Eliminates the top heavy feeling in a turn
  • More stability in the corners
  • More stable at high speeds
  • Adjustable stiffness for different terrains
  • Better for rock crawling when in the soft setting
  • Improved performance and safety