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Since personal watercraft spend most of their life in the water they need more maintenance than you typical land vehicle. Water means corrosion and rust which can eat up a ski very quickly if not properly prevented. The best way to do this is to constantly keep your vehicle lubricated inside and out. Our annual service adresses all of these key lubrication points as well as other important items that should be inspected annually.


Impellers are commonly overlooked but if not taken care of, can have big impact on the health of your ski. Whether the impeller has incurred damage, caused by ingesting rocks or debris (which can severely decrease the crafts performance), or it simply needs some professional fine-tuning, we can get you fixed up and running smooth in no time.


One of the most valuable tools at any well-equipped PWC shop, is a test tank. By utilizing our test tank we are able to replicate an actual lake setting. We secure the ski in our tank and run it in water creating a load on the engine that can't be achieved out of the water. Just because your watercraft runs good on the trailer, doesn't mean it's going to run right in the water. Testing the PWC in our tank allows us to catch problems before you hit the water and potetially ruin that big trip you have planned. Also, by eliminating the need to load up the vehicle and head out to the closest body of water, we save you money and get your watercraft back to you as quick as possible.


Sometimes even the best built vehicles need in-depth services like an engine rebuild. Getting every ounce of power out of these high performance machines means using parts that wear out quicker than most powersports engines. When it is time to give your engine an overhaul here are a few things we do. Every engine is disassmbled and inpected for proper tolerances. Pistons and cylinders are measured and matched for the correct clearance. We can hone, bore, or re-plate cylinders. Cranskshafts are balanced and trued after bearings and rods are replaced. Cases are inspected for cracks and can be welded, if needed. All bearings, clutch baskets, clutch plates, idle gears, transmission gears, main shafts, shift forks, shift drums, counter balancers, head, valves, valve seats, oil pumps are inspected for wear.



Carburetor Cleaning & Rebuilding

Fuel Line Replacement

Jet Pump Rebuilds & Replacement

Performance Tuning

Seat Reupholstery & Recovering

Trailer Repairs

Fuel Tank Flush

Fuel Pump Replacement

Steering & Reverse Cable Replacement

Gauge Repair

Hydro Turf Install

Grip Install

Handle Bar Replacement

Supercharger Upgrades

Turbo Upgrades

Top End Rebuilds

Crankshaft Rebuilds

Full Engine Overhauls

Drowse Key Replacement

Computer Diagnostic