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One of the most common failures we see on side-by-sides are belt and axle breakage . It’s not always easy to see when your CVT drive belt is going bad. Bring in your UTV for a belt and axle/CV inspection and for more aggressive drivers, heavier duty belts and axles can keep you from a breakdown on the trail.


There are so many great electrical upgrades available these days that can really enhance the safety and enjoyment of your driving experience. LED light bars, water and dust resistant sound systems, and communication systems are some of the most common accessories we can order and install on your SxS.


We never like to see a UTV damaged to the point that insurance companies need to get involved, but we know accidents happen. You can rest easy knowing that we can work with your insurance company to get your vehicle back in pristine condition. Even if your vehicle has a bent frame with the capability to get you straightened back out.


Sometimes even the best built vehicles need in-depth services like an engine rebuild. Getting every ounce of power out of these high performance machines means using parts that wear out quicker than most powersports engines. When it is time to give your engine an overhaul here are a few things we do. Every engine is disassmbled and inpected for proper tolerances. Pistons and cylinders are measured and matched for the correct clearance. We can hone, bore, or re-plate cylinders. Cranskshafts are balanced and trued after bearings and rods are replaced. Cases are inspected for cracks and can be welded, if needed. All bearings, clutch baskets, clutch plates, idle gears, transmission gears, main shafts, shift forks, shift drums, counter balancers, head, valves, valve seats, oil pumps are inspected for wear.



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